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Your home is your center of safety and comfort. It's unique, just like you and your family. When it comes to protecting what you value most, you want a home security system that is tailored for you.

Find out how you can protect your home and everything in it from burglars, vandalism and fire.

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Watch What Happens


Do security cameras deter burglars?
The UNC College of Criminal Justice found that 60% of convicted burglars look for security cameras when targeting a home…and move on if they are present.

Know Who's Knocking


Does a doorbell camera deter burglars?
In a study of two neighborhoods – one with doorbell cameras and the other without – law enforcement found a 50% reduction in burglaries in the neighborhood with doorbell cameras.

Look Like You’re Home with Smart Lights


Burglars target houses when no one is home.
According to a survey by the U.S. Department of Justice, 72% of burglaries happen when no one is home. Look like you’re home with smart lights that you can set on a schedule or random pattern, so it looks like someone is there.

Did You Close the Garage?


You provided easy access to all of your valuables.
Breaking in through the garage door remains one of the most common ways a burglar can get inside your home. Don’t make it easier for them by leaving your garage door open. With a smart garage door opener, know if you’ve accidentally left it open, or if someone else has opened it.

Lose the Keys Gain Peace of Mind


No more keys hidden under mats or in hollow plastic rocks.
Criminals know where to look. Plastic rocks don't fool them.
Lock and unlock your doors without a key.

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